We Must Dash


Spend your days tanning on tropical white sand beaches, learning about rich, foreign cultures, enjoying stunning, sprawling landscapes, braving all sorts of daytime adventures and then if you’re not too exhausted, taking advantage of the killer nightlife. AND, be ready to eat some delicious meals. No seriously, the best food you’ll ever have.

There’s a reason there are so many repeat trips to this region; there’s always something more to experience.

A once a year opportunity to experience one of the most amazing cultural events in Thailand, the Loi Krathong Festival. We start by Enjoying the golden temples of Bangkok. Then we move down south to see the turquoise waters of the Phi Phi Islands before you head north to the historical city of Chiang Mai to celebrate the festival. Loi Krathong is when thai people use water “krathongs” and paper lanterns to symbolize the release of the years hardships and troubles and honor the water gods. After the excitement of Loi Krathong, we will head up to peaceful Pai to relax among the mountains before we head home!

Think all islands are the same? Not even close. On this experience, you’ll be working on your tan on three different Thai islands. start your trip enjoying the food and culture of Bangkok, and the laid back feel of the Phi Phi Islands. From there we’ll head over to Thailand’s east coast to Koh Phangan, the home of the Full Moon Party. This island is not for the faint of heart. You’ll be wet all week with access to two water parks, one of which is home to a 120 foot water slide that launches you way past your comfort zones. Be prepared to pull an all-nighter to enjoy every second of the Full Moon Party. It’s a rite of passage to be dancing on the beach until sunrise (we’ll be sure to prep you accordingly). When you’ve danced yourself silly, we’ll all head to our private villa on Koh Samui and live that Beyonce life for a few days. It’ll be just the medicine you need to recover and enjoy your last couple of days in paradise (ideally while sipping a drink at the infinity pool). 

This is it, The complete Thai Adventure! We’re going to take you all over the land of smiles. Bangkok? Check! Best of the Thai Islands? Check! By now we’ve got loads of new friends to snap selfies with, so lets head up north to Chiang Mai. A historical city built on the backs of elephants and seated at the edge of lush rain-forests. We’re gonna be smashing through some serious bucket list items. Feed and bathe a family of elephants. You may have the cojones to go toe-to-toe with a full grown tiger, but watch your heart melt when you meet their little cubs. After all the excitement of Chiang Mai, we’ll head up into the mountains and visit Pai; a quintessential backpacker village nestled in Thailand’s northern mountains. If the river tubing, the great music and art scene aren’t impressive enough, sliding down massive waterfalls and hiking a beautiful canyon should be more than enough to round out this incredible Thai experience. 

Need a little girl time? significant other not the traveling type? want to claim a little adventure just for yourself? then our thailand female’s only trip is calling your name!  We take our favorite adventure activities from our co-ed trips and add a little more variety for wellness and relaxation.  We start in bangkok to get acclimated and learn a little about thai culture and history. then we head up north to chiang mai to practice with a yoga master and get a close encounter with some gentle giants. Pai will be our next stop, where we’ll take in some real r&r. to round out the trip, we’ll be soaking up island life on koh phi phi. you’ll head home with a little more clarity, tons more memories, and some new gal pals.