Iceland’s Ring Road


Pay a deposit of $200.00 per item

They don’t call Iceland “the land of fire and ice” for nothing. Vast glaciers and frosty waterfalls live as neighbors to volcanoes, hot springs and geysers. We schedule some trips during the early spring for the best chance of seeing Northern Lights, and during the early fall to ensure weather allows for traveling the ring road in it’s entirety with no road closures! And we’ll have tons of amazing adventures to pair with that experience. This trip is definitely for the outdoor-lovers; we’ll be hiking, whale watching, snorkeling between two continents, touring caves and glaciers, swimming in hot springs, and soaking up the natural beauty of Iceland every single day. (Activities are subject to time of year and are weather permitting).


Aug. 24-31, 2018, Sept. 1-8, 2018, Sept. 15-22, 2019, Sept. 7-14, 2019


Dorm/Shared Room, Private Room