We Must Dash

Who We are

We Must Dash is a group adventure travel company focused on providing easy and affordable trips and experiences.
We offer unique, worry-free travel opportunities, and aim to provide safe, fun environments for our travelers
to experience new things and connect with new groups of people. We strive to deliver once in a lifetime experiences, foster lifelong
friendships, as well as promote the life-changing benefits of travel.

Our Knowledge & Expertise

We Must Dash is a team of travel lovers. We have climbed mountains with native families, negotiated ferry prices in foreign languages, missed flights and subsequently slept in airports. We’ve made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to. We have spent 6 month stints on the road on our own and have learned a lot along the way. We know where to cut costs and where to definitely pay full price to make sure you’re getting the best experiences. We’ve seen some of the most beautiful parts of this planet, and our passion lies in bringing others along for the ride. Whether you’re looking for a budget trip in a dorm or a luxury villa, we’ve done it all! We are always open to questions and inquiries. Ask us anything!
And let’s get you on the road….