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After you’ve perused all of our experiences and you’ve chosen the one you want to book, simply select your dates and click the BOOK NOW button on the page. You will be redirected to our checkout page where you will fill out the necessary information, lay down your $200 deposit, and inform us whether you will pay your balance in full or with installments. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or your PayPal balance, directly through our PayPal module. This is to ensure security and privacy. Along with your welcome packet and trip waiver, we will then send you a PayPal invoice for the full balance or the installments we set up for you.

Your deposit is non refundable, but once it’s paid, you are able to use that deposit toward a future trip of your choice with no expiration date. So if you have to cancel for any reason, your deposit can be applied to a future trip.

No, they are not. But we can book your flight for you on request! We know how frustrating the process of booking flights can be. We constantly have our eyes on flight prices, so let us take the stress off! Read more about having us book your flights by clicking the flights icon at the bottom of this page.

Certain experiences will have fluctuating prices due to scheduling in low and high seasons, proximity to special festivals or holidays, and also due to unforeseen shifts in costs for that region. We will always honor our advertised prices listed on our site at the time of booking.

We encourage booking your trip at least 4 months in advance so that you can take advantage of our installment payments (see below). Your deposit of $200 is required upfront. The remainder of your trip balance is due one month before departure. If you are interested in a trip less than 4 weeks away, reach out and we can attempt to accommodate you, but cannot make any guarantees.

Our payment plan separates your balance into installments. Your $200 deposit is your first installment. From there, your remainder will be split up over monthly or weekly payments. This makes paying for your trip a lot easier! You must pay your final balance four weeks before your departure date.


The majority of our accommodations will be mid-range hostels, guesthouses and inns. If there is any alternate accommodations (like camping), it will be fully explained in your itinerary. We have carefully chosen accommodations that are clean, comfortable, and close to the fun (no long, late night walks home). In order to give you the best value, our bookings are set up as paired or multi-share rooms. If you are traveling alone, you will be paired with a member(s) of the same sex, unless you choose to upgrade to private accommodations. This option is available during the booking process. If you have questions about private accommodations, please shoot us an email!

Yes definitely! It will require an upcharge, but this option is especially appealing to solo travelers, couples or good friends. If private rooms sound better to you, let us know at booking and we will update your trip price to reflect this.

Our Trips

-Flights (unless you choose to have us book them for you)

-Any visa and arrival/departure fees

-Travel insurance


-Meals not provided with your trip (will be specified in your itinerary)

-Shopping and souvenirs

-Spending money (your itinerary will have a recommended daily amount of spending money but what you bring is up to you)

Due to the adventurous nature of our trips, all of our travelers are required to be 18 years and older. We create our itineraries with an audience of 21-35 year olds in mind, as that will be the bulk of our groups, but we accept anyone between 18-40 years old. Open minds and adventurous hearts are always welcome!

There are situations that will require changes in itinerary, but we do everything in our power to stick to our plan or replace any cancelled events with comparable experiences. Unforeseen circumstances due to weather, sudden closures, major price changes, etc. are out of our control. We only issue refunds in the event of a major disruption of services and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Although we encourage you to enjoy the itinerary we have set up for you, you are completely free to chose what you participate in. We do not issue refunds for any activities/accommodations/transport options that you chose not to participate in.

Your welcome packet will fully explain where you will be picked up or are scheduled to meet your group. Most of our trips will include a shuttle or transport from the port of entry (airport, pier, train station, etc.) to your first accommodation to meet up with your traveling crew.

Absolutely! From day one, you’re going to be thrust into a group of great people who are all looking for new friends to enjoy everything your trip has to offer!

Yes! We can definitely accommodate joiners. We do not cover costs of transport that are not already specified in the itinerary, so it will be up to you to get yourself to the location of the group when you arrive. Same with departures; if you plan to leave early, you are responsible for your transportation costs. We do not discount itineraries for late joiners or early departures.

INT'L Travel

As a general rule, we encourage our travelers to pack smart and light. We recommend attempting to pack only a carry-on bag to avoid lost luggage. Many of our travelers opt for a durable backpack due to the nature of our travels. We have a number of resources you can reference in our blog and videos to help you make the best decisions for packing. Your welcome packet will have trip-specific packing recommendations based on weather, opportunities to purchase things on arrival, and how much walking and traveling we will be doing with our luggage on hand.

There are various ways to exchange money. The easiest way is to take money out in the local currency via ATM. Or you can convert your cash upon arrival at the airports. As a general rule, we encourage you to only carry minimal cash at all times. We have a number of resources you can reference in our blog and videos to help you make the best decisions for exchanging your currency, as well as the best Travel Rewards Cards. Your welcome packet will have trip-specific recommendations for exchanging your currency.

While we encourage everyone to at least try the local cuisines (seriously it’s one of the BEST parts of traveling), we realize sometimes food on the road can do a number on our stomachs and we need something “normal” to settle it. In most locations you will be able to find some “western food” but know up front, it will probably be expensive, and it will not be exactly what you have at home.

This depends entirely on where we are. Some locations will have a lot of wifi-friendly areas and others may be spotty and unreliable. Your welcome packet will have more trip-specific information on whether wifi is readily available at your destination.

Yes! If your phone is unlocked, you can buy a SIM card for any length of time or data amount (for example, in Thailand, a 9GB data plan cost about $25). Many of the locations we will travel to will have SIM card kiosks right in the airport. Your welcome packet will have more trip-specific advice on cell phones and SIM cards.

We try to plan our trips around wet/monsoon seasons, winters, and other adverse weather conditions. We obviously cannot control all weather scenarios, but some trips are only offered during specific months to attempt to give you the best possible experience! Your welcome packet will have more trip-specific information about what to expect of the weather during your trip.

Depending on the country or region we travel to, there may be some vaccines recommended by the CDC. You can choose to receive these vaccinations or not; they are not required for our trips. If you’re in need of vaccinations, there are trusted clinics called Passport Health located nation-wide, where you can get consultations, vaccines, and supplies.

Most of the countries we are traveling to allow for visas upon arrival for U.S. citizens. For countries that do require additional paperwork, we will guide you through the process after you have booked your trip with us. In the case there are issues with obtaining your visa, we will offer an alternative trip to another country, for an equal or lesser price.


Although it is not required to travel with us, we HIGHLY encourage all travelers obtain travel insurance for their trip. If you need help purchasing travel insurance, let us know and we can walk you through it. We recommend Allianz Travel Insurance and World Nomads Travel Insurance.

Your deposit is non-refundable, but it can be transferred to another trip. Concerning your balance (or anything you’ve paid up until the point of cancellation) we will do our absolute best to transfer that to another trip of your choice. We would love to see your trip come to fruition, even if it has to be delayed. If you choose to get a cash refund of your balance, you will forfeit your deposit.